Empire in the Air

Spamming continued!

Warned you.

We will be showcasing apparel and artwork, including a new collection and the shirts we designed for Hungry Fam. Some of the profits from the new collection will go to Project PEARLS and there will be some reps to talk to if you want to get involved and volunteer.

The Release Party will also be the pick-up spot for those of you who ordered the Original Logo Tee here for $20Pre-sales will end on March 3.

There will be a few performances by the Hungry Fam as well as music provided by our good friend Steven Cheung.

And top of that! We’ll have a handful of raffles and giveaways.

Come kick it with us on March 15!!

Bring your friends, their friends, your sister’s boyfriend’s cousin’s uncle’s on your dad’s side twice removed (whatever that means).

- ChiChai@Empire

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